Ship therapy challenge - Week 2 : #1 on ProductHunt & Taking a short break.
2 years ago

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This is week 2 of the #ShipTherapy challenge, which I'm doing to get over maker paralysis and cultivate a habit of shipping stuff. Check out Week 0 & Week 1 if you need more context.

Boy, it's been a unexpectedly eventful week!

Here's a gist of what happened :

  • I made an MVP of a marketplace for makers to buy and sell abandoned side projects, as the first project of this challenge, in 4 days. ( See last week's post for more details )

  • I casually shared it on the IndieHackers forum.

  • The IndieHackers post blew up and got to top post of the week, with tons of feedback and support. ( Great community )

  • 200 people signed up, 5 put projects on sale.

  • I talked to subscribers and made changes based on the feedback, which took me 3 days.

  • I posted on ProductHunt, and it got to #1 and stayed there all day long.

  • 400 more people signed up, 40+ projects were on sale, and 40+ buyers made offers.

  • 4 sellers paid a $19 fee to unlock projects.

  • 1 day after the ProductHunt launch, people are still subscribing, adding projects, and making offers.

As someone who started this thing expecting a maximum of 100 subscribers and very few projects put on sale, I am blown away by my lack of imagination.

I think it's safe to say that the benefits of this challenge are exceeding all expectations.

That's it for the weekly progress, as I feel I'm not delivering much value by detailing my weeks ( although I'd love some feedback on this, please reach out if you can ).

I may switch to posting regular blog posts on various topics around bootstrapping and startups ( sticking to 1 article every week ), and then keep these progress updates short.

Taking a 1 week break from the challenge

Next week, I'd like to take a short break from the challenge. That means not starting a new project until the week after. Instead I'm planning to focus on the following :

  • Figure out a better way to deliver value on this blog and change the layout.

  • Improve some aspects of 1Kprojects.

  • Talk with the many people who reached out.

  • Publish 2 blog posts.

  • Get organized for all the upcoming projects and challenges.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this blog and what you'd like to see more of. If you can find a few minutes to tell me about it, I'd be eternally grateful! Reach out to me via Twitter or via Email

Thank you for reading!

Update : ➡️ Check out week 3-4 of the challenge.

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