Month #1 Update : Almost 2 new products shipped!
1 year ago

Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash
This is month 1 of the maker's search for meaning & profit challenge, where I basically ship 1 - 2 products per month until something sticks. Check out the challenge intro if you need more context.

The first month of this challenge has been hard, yet interesting!

Without going too much into the ups and downs of this month, below are the memorable events :

  • I had a fire to put out on one of my existing projects, it took almost 2 weeks, so I only started considering ideas for the challenge by the 15th of August.

  • At first, I gave into the shiny idea temptation and literally worked on a different idea for every day of that week.

  • With the deadline closing in, I picked the one that didn't have any monetization planned, just to take the pressure off and focus on shipping on time.

  • Eventually, I added a second idea that I really liked, although I didn't write much code for it, it's ready for validation!

  • A bunch of the ideas I sketched sounded pretty good, so I'm really looking forward to get to some of them in the upcoming months.

Project #1 : ChallengeBot

ChallengeBot is a TwitterBot, and as you guessed, it's the one without any monetization planned. I made it because on almost all the challenges I did in the past, there were at least 3 people asking how they could join the challenge.

ChallengeBot helps you create, join, and track your progress in a challenge, without leaving Twitter.

I've already added some popular challenges you can join, and hopefully some of you will add your own challenges or join some of the existing ones.

Any feedback / bug reports would be extremely appreciated, this is my first Twitter bot and I couldn't test it as much as I wanted because there is no test environment with the Twitter API. ( Email me )

Project #2 : Squadist

I don't want to spoil this one, so I'll let you check out the minimal landing page and the demo!

I'm currently talking to a few people in order to validate & improve the product, and I would love to exchange a few emails with you if you feel like Squadist can be of value to you! ( Email me )


And that's it for August! I'm planning to launch at least one of the two products on ProductHunt by the end of the week, but then again, it'll depend on how the pre-launch goes.

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