New challenge : A maker's search for meaning ( & profit ).
1 year ago

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My last blog post was 3 months ago, a few days before heading to Bali for 2 months. The plan was to chill and figure out what to work on next.

Here's what happened since then :

  • Built 4 new products, none of them were launched.

  • Stopped coming up with new ideas.

  • Focused all my time in growing my existing & profitable projects.

Turns out, being in one of the most beautiful places on earth doesn't magically solve your problems. I still have no idea what I should be working on or how to commit to a single idea and overcome shiny object syndrome

And that's basically what this new challenge is about : Building a profitable & meaningful business that I would want to work on exclusively for the forseeable future.

I figured this has been my most important goal for more than a year, and it's not like I'm planning to do anything else. So I thought I might as well commit to solving what I perceive to be my biggest struggle.

Considering how public challenges have helped me overcome similar roadblocks in the past, I'll be trying to overcome this one in the same way, with a few improvements.

About the challenge


Since I have absolutely no idea how things are going to go, I forced myself to identify the most important rules instead of setting a bunch of random constraints :

  • Rule #1 : Keep shipping until something sticks : The only valid reason to stop the challenge is if I actually reach my goal of building something I'm ready to commit to for the next few years.

  • Rule #2 : Launch at least one new project every month : I'm aiming for two per month, but some projects may need more time.

  • Rule #3 : Quit making if this doesn't work out : This is my strongest motivator. I've been doing this for years now, I would hate to quit but I may have to.

What I'll be tracking & sharing

Other than building a meaningful and profitable business, I'm hoping this challenge will help me answer a handful of interesting questions :

  • Which of the ideas I come up with are actually worth executing, and what do they have in common ?

  • What projects do I enjoy working on, and what do they have in common ?

  • Are there other patterns and can I come up with a repeatable framework to build meaningful & profitable businesses ?

To answer those questions and others, I'll be documenting & tracking all kinds of metrics/data, which includes productivity per project, enjoyment, state of mind, project related metrics, and other personal metrics.

At first I'll be sharing my progress every two to three weeks through a blog post, as well as publishing the metrics for all projects. As for the personal metrics, I may share them later on if it proves to be useful.

Through the challenge, I'm trying to validate the following hypothesis : If I ship 50 projects and track everything along the way, I'll be able to identify what works for me and what doesn't, across all stages of building a business from scratch.

Summary and Updates

This section will be used to summarize and link to future updates.

Start date : 1st August 2019

August Update : Almost 2 new products shipped!

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