Week 3 : About losing interest mid-way and persistence.
2 years ago

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This is week 3 of the #1kB2B challenge,where I try to validate and ship B2B products and get to 1k MRR. Check out Week 0 if you need more context.

First of all, apologies for missing the weekly blog post last week. I got overwhelmed and had to take a few days off, I did some hiking in the moutains with no wifi and it was extremely helpful.

This week, I was able to finish about 99% of the code for AdWatch, and set up a new landing page. We're officially open for business now! People can sign up, pay and start using the tool. We haven't shared it around yet since there are still a few things to set up (meta tags, tracking, social networks ect...).

It took me exactly one month to finish the code for the MVP, which is about a week more than what I was expecting but considering I took 4 days off, I guess I'm getting better at setting deadlines for myself.

About losing interest

Somewhere along the way, I got this sudden realization that I'm slowly losing interest in this particular project, and in the audience it is supposed to serve. This is not new for me, I've started countless projects and stopped mid-way because of this exact feeling, which eventually led to Maker Paralysis.

This time I tried to dig down a bit more on why I'm losing interest, here's what I found :

  • I don't relate to the customers. Although I have started to understand some of their pains, I've never been in their shoes and never wanted to.

  • I am not an expert, so I tend to struggle when making a decision about a certain feature. ( My partner is though, so that helps )

  • The road ahead is foggy.

  • \

Why I'm persisting

Normally, I would just drop it right there and then and go enjoy my newfound freedom. But that never worked in the past, and I always ended up feeling like I'm not capable of shipping anything meaningful.

Instead, I decided to make a list of all the reasons why I should follow through with this. Every time I got less excited about the project, I would look at the list and rejoice again. It has worked great for the past 10 days or so, hopefully it keeps working until the project is too profitable to abandon :).

Here's my list of reasons why I should persist / push through these feelings :

  • If I only work on stuff I am excited about, I would only build products for solopreneurs or consumers ( People I relate to ), never businesses. Although I did run a business for about a year, it failed pretty quickly and I never enjoyed it. I want to be able to deliver value to businesses as well, so this is a great opportunity to do that or learn to do that.

  • I'm learning a bunch of new stuff, almost on a daily basis.

  • I'm about to learn how to cold email, cold call, acquire customers, run ads, and so many other things.

  • There is the potential of scaling, which is exciting.

  • Everything about this project is outside of my comfort zone, which is awesome considering I am constantly looking for opportunities to expand my comfort zone.

If you're in a similar situation where you spent some of your time building something only to realize that you don't care that much about it, try finding reasons to stick with it and keep them somewhere. it's all about your perspective and having a list of good things to look forward to can definitely help.

Another thing I've allowed myself to do is to just slowly start building small side projects whenever I can find some time, just to avoid getting bored.

What's next

Well, the code is finally done. So now begins the part where I have to figure out a way to get people to pay and use the product. I had this idea to write the ultimate guide to acquiring early adopters for b2b products when you're just starting, based on my upcoming experience with AdWatch.

I will spend this week designing an acquisition plan, and will share it in the next blog post.

Make sure you check out AdWatch, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

Update : ➡️ Check out week 4 of the challenge.

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